About Us

We are Gentlemen and Ladies serving Gentlemen and Ladies

Founded in 2010, Memories In Motion Classics sought to bring a new standard of service and professionalism to wedding transportation. Having a background in the event industry, we saw the need for a professional organization that focused on consistently providing incredible experiences for our amazing couples. Our passion for the memories and experiences that are created with these stunning pieces of rolling art is hard to mistake.

Our drivers are professionals who are trained in the finer points of chauffeuring, etiquette, and service. You can rest assured that they will be polite, well groomed, appropriately attired, friendly, and will constantly strive to make your wedding day amazing. They will always remain on-site and will never invite themselves into your event as a guest.

Our beautiful vehicles are more than just “transportation”. They are rolling art with a history, incredible stories, and which have helped make lifelong memories for some very special couples. They make for a stunning backdrop and canvas for your photographer to use to enhance your wedding day photographs.  Of course for your protection and peace of mind, we carry full commercial limousine insurance on our fleet, just like a modern, stretch-limousine provider.

Above all, we constantly strive to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and service imaginable.  After all, we are “gentlemen and ladies serving gentlemen and ladies”.